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  • American intercontinental university scholarships

    American intercontinental university scholarships – Apply Now

    Do you want to go to American InterContinental university, but do not have the money? If yes, AIU offers many scholarship solutions that can help you finance your education. American InterContinental University (AIU) is a for profit institution of higher learning with six campuses in the United States and one campus in London, England. The […] More

  • Introvert love language

    Introverts Love Languages – How do Introverts Express Feelings?

    When you’re an extrovert, managing a relationship with an introvert can be difficult, if not impossible. With an introvert, you won’t get trite words or flamboyant demonstrations of love. Their affection is usually much more subdued. However, because they don’t easily throw around hollow phrases, it might feel all the more genuine and powerful. Introverts […] More

  • Kiss on the forehead

    The Hidden Meaning of a kiss on the Forehead (+ these Other 4 Sides)

    What will be the meaning of a kiss on the forehead ?  It is true that actions say more than a thousand words and these 5 types of kisses (including the one on the forehead ) can say much more than you think. Romantic, protective and even suggestive, kisses can come in many forms and variations! Check out : Major Scholarships for Foreign Students […] More

  • What Does It Mean When a Man Kisses Your Hand?

    What does it mean when a man kisses your hand?

    What does it mean when a man kisses your hand? is a question that many of us have not asked when the guy we are out with suddenly does this.  Most people recognize this gesture as an old-fashioned way of showing love or affection.  Kissing someone’s hand is associated with a gesture of respect and benevolence because […] More

  • Cambridge University MBA Scholarship

    Boustany MBA Scholarship at Cambridge University

    The Cambridge University UK MBA Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for international students who wish to pursue a postgraduate business degree abroad. If we talk about studying in the UK, the first university that always comes to mind is studying at the University of Cambridge. Students from all over the world can apply for these […] More

  • full scholarships

    Top 10 Full Scholarships for International Students in 2023

    The best time to apply and win full scholarships in 2023 is now. Write down these 10 scholarships that you can apply for in 2022 to fulfill your dream of studying abroad in 2023. Bachelor’s degree Reach Oxford Scholarships – UK This undergraduate scholarship is one of the best full scholarships in 2023 in the UK […] More

  • Bogliasco Foundation scholarships

    Bogliasco Scholarships for artists from around the world

    The Bogliasco Foundation  has published the call for scholarships in Italy for artists from all over the world during 2023-2024. These are residence scholarships that are aimed at talented people who work in all disciplines of the Arts and Humanities regardless of their nationality, age, race, religion or gender. The Bogliasco Foundation is an American nonprofit organization with a program in Italy […] More

  • Fulbright Schuman Scholarships

    Fulbright Schuman Scholarships to study in the United States

    The Fulbright Schuman Scholarships Program  is aimed at citizens of the European Union who wish to  study, research or teach in the United States . Scholarships from the Fulbright Commission for Educational Exchange are funded by the United States Department of State and the Directorate General for Education and Culture of the European Commission. The endowment of the scholarships varies depending […] More

  • Excellence Major Scholarships

    Major Scholarships for Foreign Students in France

    The Major Scholarships, known as Excellence Major Scholarships, are scholarships awarded by the French Government through the European and Foreign Affairs Ministry with the aim of supporting the intellectual growth of secondary school students, offering them the opportunity to take a high-level course in French Higher Education. What are the Major Scholarships? The network of French […] More

  • How to study in Japan
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    How to Study in Japan for Free

    If you want to live in Japan for a while, either because you fall in love with its culture, gastronomy, people, language or the beautiful landscapes of this country, surely you have ever considered the possibility of studying in Japan, this being one of the best options to live in Japan peacefully, enhance your learning, increase your […] More

  • study in United States with F1 Visa

    F1 Visa to Study in the United States

    Are you thinking of going to study abroad? Good choice! It will provide you with endless opportunities, not only to improve your professional future, but also to improve as a person. If you plan to study in the United States, you will need a visa to do so. But which? The F1 Visa.  Do not worry if you have never […] More

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