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  • scholarships in Asia

    Top 10 International Scholarships to study in ASIA

    There are many people who would like to study at universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, etc., but… there are also many of them who would like to obtain a scholarship to study at one of the universities in an Asian country . The Asian continent has large renowned Universities and Colleges  that, together with the […] More

  • scholarships to study in cambridge

    Fully Funded Scholarships to study in Cambridge, UK

    The University of Cambridge, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom, offers scholarships to study at Cambridge for international students who wish to continue their postgraduate studies at this university. The University of Cambridge is the second oldest English-speaking university, after Oxford. According to history, the University of Cambridge, in England, was founded in 1209 by […] More

  • Study in the United States

    Study in USA Guide for International Students

    If you are seriously thinking about going to study in the United States, first of all: Congratulations! You have made a decision that will undoubtedly transform your life completely. And it is that, studying at a university in the United States is a real dream for many people.  Not only because of the vision we have of that student culture, […] More

  • Light Work Organization Photographer Scholarships

    Light Work Organization Photographer Scholarships in New York – $5000

    The Light Work organization offers a Residency Scholarship Program for artists from around the world to carry out photographic projects in Syracuse, New York, United States . This scholarship program for photographers has a period of one month with which the participants in the program can make an effort and get the most out of their projects. Each year a total of 12 to 15 places are published to […] More

  • Dalai Lama Scholarships

    Dalai Lama Graduate Scholarships – Apply Now

    The Dalai Lama Scholarships are scholarships aimed at social leaders from around the world. These scholarships offer a rigorous interdisciplinary program on how to be a different leader, who connects and cares for himself, extends genuine compassion to others and works for our common humanity. Participants will engage in mind-training practices to increase self-awareness, self-care, and resilience, to […] More

  • study in Chile

    Guide to study in Chile

    Are you thinking of studying in Chile ? !! Congratulations!! You have probably already discovered that this international destination not only deserves great recognition for its incredible landscapes and cultural richness, but also that its educational system is exemplary in the eyes of the world.  Due to the proximity to the language and the vast university offer, studying in Chile has […] More

  •  Clarendon Fund scholarships Clarendon Fund scholarships

    Scholarships to Study at the University of Oxford (Clarendon Fund) – Apply Now

    Every year the University of Oxford announces the Clarendon Fund scholarships, around 140 scholarships aimed at students from all over the world who wish to study at this English University. The scholarships are suitable for studying any subject and are aimed at candidates who apply for a new Master’s or Doctorate course before the end of the admission […] More

  • university of oregon scholarships

    University of Oregon Merit Scholarships

    The University of Oregon (also known as UO), is in Eugene, Oregon, on the banks of the Willamette River. It is best known for its research institutes. In 1876, the university was established. As of now, there are five colleges and seven professional schools that make up the university. The university offers more than 300 […] More

  • DAAD Scholarships for International Students

    Fully Funded DAAD Scholarships for International Students

    One of the most prominent places to earn a diploma is Germany, which is well-known for its distinction. They offer a top-notch educational system, an effective curriculum, and knowledgeable staff and professors. International students appreciate Germany because of its multicultural environment, selective educational system, and high employment rates. The fact that almost all colleges offer […] More

  • INL scholarships in Colombia

    INL Scholarships : Colombian Law Enforcement Scholarship Program

    Have you ever thought about joining the Colombian National Police? If you dream of doing it, but do not have the necessary means to pay for the degree, INL scholarships are made for you. With them you will have the opportunity to apply to be part of this important Colombian organization, regardless of your financial resources. So, are you […] More

  • naviance scholarships

    Naviance Scholarships for International Students

    The naviance scholarships are offered to all students from grade school to post-secondary who need financial assistance to continue their studies. The program is sponsored by the National Naviance Foundation, an independent organization that supports the health and welfare of children. It’s a great way for universities to help students with the cost of their […] More

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