Boston College Scholarships for International Students – $12,000

Boston College (BC) is a private research university on the outskirts of Chestnut Hill that was founded in 1863. Currently, it is home to about 9,300 undergraduate students and about 5,000 alumni who attend classes across BC’s three campuses in Chestnut Hill, Brighton, and Newton.

Its 1:11 faculty to student ratio, 882 full-time faculty members, and 94% PhD faculty members can help students. The Boston College scholarships for international students will be discussed in this article.

International students

Boston College is home to 1,751 foreign students from diverse of backgrounds and cultures, including 672 undergraduate students and 278 academic and research scholars from 65 countries across the world.

The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS), which offers help by disseminating information on academic and personal issues, is a resource that international students may rely on.

On their website, they provide instructions and requirements for both before and after arrival. You may read about everything on their pre-arrival instructions page, from applying for a visa to finding accommodations and traveling to BC.

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Additionally, you will discover post-arrival instructions on the steps you must take after reaching BC.

International students can review their Welcome Guide after being accepted. To assist students in adjusting to Boston College, this guide includes numerous resources and thorough instructions.

The manual describes the eight steps you should do to get ready for your visit to BC. Additionally, it contains contact details, important dates, and frequently asked questions about immigration. OISS offers a range of initiatives to foster networking and enhance a multicultural setting.

Global Citizens, International Education Week, International Student Orientation, and Undergraduate Discussion Series are a few examples of these initiatives.

Tuition Fees for International Students

Boston College requires all international students to pay the full cost of tuition. You must be able to present financial statement demonstrating your ability to support the cost of your Boston College education. For international undergraduates, housing and board are included in the $80,867 in tuition.

The exact breakdown of costs is as follows: housing and board ($15,220), personal expenses ($5,200), campus health infirmary & student activity fees ($1,397), tuition ($59,050).

The $575 for freshman orientation and student ID as well as the $2,850 for books and supplies are other additional fees to be aware of.

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Graduate tuition expenses per credit can range from $980 to $1,934. Visit the Tuition & Fees page to find out how much undergraduate and graduate degrees will cost you each credit and per semester.

The page also includes information about university fees, residence hall rates, and course and lab costs for each degree department.

Each graduate and professional school’s tuition costs are listed on their individual websites. To view the list of available Graduate and Professional Schools and their websites, go to the Graduate Admission page.

International Admissions Guide

International undergraduate applicants can discover information on  Applying as an International Student website, which includes the full instructions on requirements, application credentials, tuition costs, and financial aid.

In addition to the extra requirements for international candidates, prospective freshmen or transfer students need also fulfill the application requirements.

You can read about application requirements, costs, courses offered, a live virtual campus tour, and links to details on admission and financial assistance, academics and campus life, faculty, and information for parents on the Admission website.

For information on Boston College’s eight graduate and professional schools if you are an international graduate applicant, go to the Graduate Admission website.

Every institution has a different application procedure, and they are the ones who will help you with and support your application. To get ready for your visit, you can learn about graduate student life on this page and take a virtual campus tour.

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Additionally, you can use this page to search the list of graduate and professional degrees. On the admission page of each graduate and professional school, you may find details about the application process, costs, prerequisites, and frequently asked questions.

Fee for Applications

While the graduate application fee varies depending on the graduate institution, the undergraduate application fee is $80.

For instance, the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences charges a $75 application fee whereas the School of Social Work charges $40. Both the undergraduate and graduate application fees are non-refundable.

Admissions Requirements for International Students

As an international applicant, you must meet the same requirements as incoming freshmen or transfer students. A completed application form, a writing supplement, standardized tests, a high school transcript, additional supporting documents, and English proficiency are among the prerequisites.

BC needs TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo English exam results from international applicants. Minimum exam scores of 100 on the TOEFL, 7.5 on the IELTS, or 29 on the Duolingo English Test are advised.

Once accepted into the program, students are also required to provide a confirmation of finances.

You must go to the website of your desired graduate school to find out about the criteria for certain graduate courses. They often ask you to submit a completed application form, transcripts, and recommendation letters. standardized tests, a statement of intent, and results from the TOEFL, IELTS, and Duolingo assessments.

A minimum score of 100 on the TOEFL iBT test, 7.0 on the IELTS, or 120 on the Duolingo English test is necessary for passing.

You should visit the website of your graduate school to learn more about the additional requirements that each department of a graduate school has for particular courses.


Boston College was placed 55th in the US College Rankings as of 2021 and between 301 and 350th in the World University Rankings.

Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at Boston College is 26%. Only 7,752 of the 29,382 first-year candidates are accepted, and 2,408 enrolled. 8% of the total are foreign students.

Boston College Scholarships for International Students

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program

  • Scholarship Amount: Full Tuition

The only merit-based scholarship available to undergraduate students at BC is the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program. 15 exceptional first-year, full-time students receive this Boston College scholarship.

Candidates must have exemplary academic standing and have taken part in leadership activities at their prior school in order to be considered for the scholarship.

Except for summer programs, which are covered by a different kind of scholarship, qualified candidates will get a full-tuition scholarship.

Read the FAQs page for additional details about the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program.

Boston College does not offer need-based scholarships to international students. To study in BC, you must be able to meet all of your financial responsibilities.

You will be required to complete and submit a BC Certification of Finances form. You can find out about outside financial aid programs by going to the Office of Student Services.

You can read the information here to find out more about applying as an international student and receiving financial help.

Graduate Scholarships

2. Graduate Assistantships

  • Scholarship amount: $12,000 per year’s stipend.

The Lynch School of Education and Human Development provides its students with a variety of graduate assistantships, including the GSA Director of Finance, which needs 20 work hours.

Graduates who accept this Boston College scholarship will get a $12,000 annual stipend. On their Assistantships page, you may read more about the Graduate Assistantships & Employment Opportunities that are offered.

3. University Fellowships

  • Scholarship Amount: stipend, partial or full scholarship for tuition & fees

Selected full-time PhD candidates are offered fellowships by the Connell School of Nursing (CSON), which include a full scholarship for tuition as well as a 3-year stipend.

You must labor twice a week for Boston College as a recipient of this scholarship, escorted by a faculty member. Visit the CSON’s Tuition & Aid page to find out more about their graduate fellowships.

All graduate and professional school in BC offers its own special kind of financial aid to students. You must go to your graduate school’s website to learn more about the financial aid and scholarships available for their programs.

I sincerely hope that this post on Boston College’s international student scholarships was useful.


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