Major Scholarships for Foreign Students in France

The Major Scholarships, known as Excellence Major Scholarships, are scholarships awarded by the French Government through the European and Foreign Affairs Ministry with the aim of supporting the intellectual growth of secondary school students, offering them the opportunity to take a high-level course in French Higher Education.

What are the Major Scholarships?

The network of French secondary schools around the world is a major asset for students to promote to different universities and colleges in France.

This system awards 800 scholarships to students of foreign nationality so that they can study in France for 5 years . Each year 200 new scholarship recipients join the program after completing their final year at the French teaching school. 

So now you know the first requirement for one of these scholarships to be awarded: Be a French student at one of the French schools and institutes spread throughout the country.

The objective of this type of scholarship is to select the best students enrolled in the network of French schools from around the world.

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To do this, you must apply and be pre-selected by the director of your school. The file will be evaluated by the department of cooperation and cultural action of the French embassy in your country, and then pass through the hands of the AEFE , which will submit it to a commission made up of several specialists in higher education and representatives of large universities.

The academic qualification, the involvement you have in the school, as well as the motivation to continue studying in France are some of the factors that the college or institute to which you belong will take into account to select you as a candidate.

The final decision to award one of these scholarships is conditional on obtaining a Bachelor’s degree with honors and confirmation of the registration of your application.

Types of Major Scholarships

Three levels of scholarship are assigned according to family situations:

Back-to-school scholarship

It offers an annual subsidy of €500 and complementary health insurance reimbursement.

Excellence-Major back-to-school scholarship at tasa 1

It offers a monthly subsidy of €222 per month and reimbursement for complementary health insurance.

Excellence-Major tasa 2 back-to-school scholarship

It offers a monthly subsidy of €685 per month and reimbursement for complementary medical insurance.

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Excellence-Major scholarship holders in rate 1 or 2 can also claim additional services defined as tuition fees and payment of transportation for both outbound and inbound trips.

Requirements to access the Major Scholarships

  • Not having French nationality.
  • Be enrolled in the last year within a French school or educational institution.
  • Have an impeccable academic record.
  • Submit an orientation project in French education
  • Motivation to study in France.
  • Applicants must have qualifications with distinction or credit.
  • Submit a letter of introduction to the candidacy on the Parcoursup portal .
  • Ability to adapt to a life experience in France.

What happens when you are awarded a Major Scholarship?

The committee in charge of selecting the scholarship holders is organized each year during the month of major to analyze the different proposals.

Once the scholarships have been granted, the administrative and economic management is entrusted from the AEFE to Campees France , an entity to which you must contact if you have been selected to see what the subsequent procedures are.

You also have at your disposal advisors and managers of the Excellence-Major program of the AEFE, with the aim of supporting each of the scholarship holders while they are studying in France. France is a country that can open up great job opportunities for you and on a personal level.

Thanks to the Major Scholarships you will have the opportunity to continue training in the country, improve your language and, above all, live an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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