How to apply for Fulbright scholarships in Colombia

One of the most important student scholarship programs worldwide is undoubtedly the Fulbright program of the United States Department of State. Do you want to know how you can apply for Fulbright Colombia scholarships ? This could be your best opportunity to boost your knowledge.

In this article we will be commenting on each of the information you should know about Fulbright scholarships in Colombia, from its requirements and benefits, to the steps you must follow to apply for any of these scholarships.

So, if you want to have the opportunity to carry out your professional studies at the hands of one of the most prestigious educational organizations in the world, pay close attention to the information that we will give you here.

What are Fulbright scholarships?

Fulbright scholarships are a set of aid and educational financing plans that were created by the United States Department of State , and which have also become one of the most important international scholarship programs, with a presence in 157 countries.

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Today, this program has benefited around 390,000 people from different countries, who have been selected for their academic merits and each of the professional achievements they have obtained during their training period.

Fulbright Scholarships in Colombia

As we mentioned before, this scholarship program has a presence in a total of 157 countries worldwide , and one of them is Colombia.

So, if you want to study an international career through these scholarships, you don’t have to go too far because in this country you can find the Fulbright Colombia Commission ; an organization that was born from the cooperation between the Colombian government and the United States.

This organization fulfills the purpose of promoting academic research and cultural cooperation between both countries, to train professionals who can contribute to the constant social development of these nations.

What are the Fulbright scholarships in Colombia?

In Colombia, the Fulbright program offers a wide variety of scholarships that seek to benefit all students from the different universities in the country, regardless of their economic resources.

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In fact, one of the main objectives of the program is to benefit low-income students who have great educational potential to train professionally in the best universities in the world.

In this sense, the main Fulbright scholarships offered in Colombia are the following:

Postgraduate scholarships

  • Fulbright – Minciencias
  • Fulbright for Indigenous Leaders
  • Fulbright for Black Leaders
  • Fulbright – Minculture for Artists
  • Fulbright – Passport to Science

Research and teaching scholarships

  • Colombian Visiting Researcher
  • Colombian Doctoral Student
  • Distinguished Awards in Teaching
  • S. Student Researcher
  • S.Scholar
  • S Specialist

English teaching scholarships

  • Colombian Teacher of English Scholarship (FLTA)
  • Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Scholarship

Professional Development Scholarships

  • Fulbright Humbert H. Humphrey Scholarships

These are the main scholarships offered through the Fulbright program in Colombia. Remember that in order to apply to each of them, it is important that you have each of the necessary requirements and register online.

What are the requirements to obtain a Fulbright scholarship in Colombia?

As with most scholarships worldwide, to opt for one of this program, it is necessary that you meet each of the requirements established for the selection of potential beneficiaries.

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However, as we are talking about a program that offers a wide variety of scholarships with different content, the requirements can often vary depending on the call.

For this reason, it is important that you consult everything you need to know about the scholarship you are going to select, directly from the official website of the institution . The steps you must follow to do so are the following:

  1. Enter the official website of Fulbright Colombia, through the following link: .
  2. Once you are inside, go to the main menu and locate the “Scholarships” option.
  1. In the drop-down menu you will find each of the scholarship categories available. Click on the one you prefer.
  1. After you are inside the category, you will notice that each of the options you have about the available scholarships will appear.
  1. Click on the scholarship you prefer, to expand the information on it.

And ready. It is that simple to enter the Fulbright scholarships in Colombia and know each of the requirements that you need to collect to apply for them. In addition, there you will find the process that you must follow to start your application, by clicking on the link to the online call.

How is the application process for Fulbright scholarships in Colombia?

To be able to enroll in any of the Fulbright scholarships offered in Colombia, you generally must comply with an extremely simple process that is carried out completely online, without the need to go to physical organizations.

But if you want to know more information about the application processes for these scholarships, the organization has made a series of webinars available to the public , which are available online and can be obtained by following these steps:

  1. Enter the Fulbright Colombia scholarship webinar link ( ).
  2. Locate the webinar you want to attend.
  3. Click on “Register here” to reserve your seat in the selected webinar.

Now you will be able to know first-hand all the information regarding the application processes for Fulbright scholarships in Colombia. Keep in mind that participation in these webinars is completely free, so you can sign up as many times as you want .

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