Fully Funded Scholarship for Muslim Students

Scholarships are an opportunity for young students to stand out and make a name for themselves. They are often the foundation on which students build their career and get education.

Scholarships are available to all Muslims, but there is a difference between Scholarships that target Muslims, Muslim-specific scholarships and general scholarships that allow Muslim applicants.

It is important for Muslim students to know about these opportunities in order to help them choose the best fit for them.

In recent years, scholarships catering specifically to Muslim students have been growing in popularity. These scholarships come from the more traditional sources of universities, government agencies and private foundations.

Scholarship Description.

Scholarship for muslim students is a chance for them to get financial assistance. With these scholarships, they can pursue a program in their desired field of study without worrying about the cost of education.

Some of the institutions that offer scholarship for muslim students are:

  • The Islamic Scholarship Program which has been providing scholarships to Muslim students since 2003.
  • The Kuwaiti Government Funding, through an organization called the Kuwait National Committee for the Support of Chinese Students and Scholars which offers scholarship opportunities to those who seek funding to study in China.
  • Scholarships offered by Masjid Tucson and ASMSA Muslim Student Association. The Quilliam Foundation and the Islamic Scholarship Fund have launched a £1 million fund for Muslim students in the UK. The fund aims to help Muslim students who are academically qualified but lack the financial resources to pursue their dreams.

Level/Field of Study

We all know that not everyone who has the intellectual capacity is able to go to college, due to financial difficulties or other reasons.

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That is why scholarship programs are a great way to ensure that they still have an opportunity to pursue their goals, especially when they’re doing it for Allah’s sake. Scholarships are one of the main methods of financial assistance available to students.

Scholarships can be classified as need-based, merit-based, or academic. This is a list of scholarships for a specific group of students – Muslim Students.

The American Muslim Scholarship Foundation (AMSF) is an organization that provides scholarship opportunities for muslim students.

Eligible Nationality

In the US, 40% of Muslim students graduate from high school, but only 10% go on to college. In addition, Muslims are underrepresented among college faculty and disproportionately unemployed.

The AMSF works to change this by providing annual scholarships to fund university tuition for motivated and talented muslim students (and their children).

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Through a rigorous selection process based on academic achievement, extracurricular activities, community service and leadership skills, applicants are selected to receive scholarships in the amount of $5k per year.

Since 2016 they have awarded 185 scholarships worth more than $1 million dollars with 100% of eligible applicants receiving funding.

These scholarships are committed through 2020 with an estimated $2 million in funding – making it a valuable opportunity for muslims who want to pursue higher education.

Scholarship Benefits

Scholarships for muslim students are an important resource for the muslim community. These scholarships provide both financial and moral support to the student.

Muslim students who come from a low-income family are most likely to receive scholarships than other religious groups.

The different types of scholarships that Muslim students can apply for include, but is not limited to, government sponsored and private funds.

How to Apply

The application process requires filling out a form and submitting it via email or fax with all of your necessary information such as your contact information, GPA score and more.

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Muslim students are in a difficult situation where they are faced with the necessity to balance their studies and their religious obligations while they also need to find scholarships to finance their education.

It is not easy for Muslim students, who may face stigma and discrimination, to find scholarships that can provide the financial assistance they need.

The importance of generosity, empathy and solidarity cannot be overstated for these students who are faced with both academic and social challenges.

Scholarships can help Muslim students pursue their studies without worrying about the financial aspect.


Islamic Scholarship refers to all financial help available for Muslim students. It includes education-related grants and bursaries, as well as scholarships that are awarded on the basis of faith and religion.

Currently, the number of scholarships for Muslim students is still relatively low and they are not being supported nearly enough by governments or educational institutions.

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However, it is expected that in future there will be a sharp increase in scholarships for Muslim students in order to keep up with the growth rate of Islam as one of the fastest growing religions in the world.

With the current status of legal and social stigmatization of Muslim-Americans, it is important to provide assistance for Muslim students in the form of scholarships or grants.

Scholarships for muslim students are very important because of a variety of reasons. With the current status of legal and social stigmatization, it is important to provide assistance for Muslim students in the form of scholarships or grants.

There are many Muslims living in America who have been affected by this presence, including children and families.

Application Requirements

It is hard to make ends meet when you are a Muslim student. Scholarships are a viable option for such students.

It is a financial aid or monetary assistance which is given to the students in order to help them pay for their higher education.

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Scholarships differ from loans in the sense that they do not need to be paid back and they do not affect your credit rating or continue in your debt once you graduate.

This could be due to the scholarships being funded by endowments, donations, tuition, grants and other external sources of funding.

There are many scholarship opportunities for Muslim students. They are offered by schools, institutions and organizations that want to provide educational opportunities to students of Islamic faith.

For example, the Association of Pakistani American Engineers and Architects (APAIA) Scholarship is given to student who have been accepted into a four-year undergraduate program in the field of engineering or architecture in an accredited U.S. institution.

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