Grants & Scholarships for Graduate Students in Psychology

There are a variety of scholarships for graduate students in psychology. Students should seek out opportunities that fit their needs and interests. These scholarships will surely help graduate students in psychology pay for their education or tuition.

Scholarships are thus, a great way to help graduate students in psychology offset their tuition expenses.

Scholarship Description.

Scholarships for graduate students in psychology are usually granted by private foundations, schools, or other organizations. There are two main types of scholarships: merit-based and need-based.

Cognitive science is an interdisciplinary field that integrates information from psychology, neuroscience and linguistics.

Graduate students in this field are faced with the challenge of understanding how the human brain perceives, understands, and extracts meaning from complex stimuli.

Also, Graduate students in areas such as psychology, sociology, and law may apply for scholarships from foundations such as the National Science Foundation (NSF).

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for psychologists in the United States is $61,280. With such a high demand for psychology graduates, it is not surprising that there are many scholarships available to these students.

All You Need To Know About Scholarships for graduate students in psychology.

While there are many scholarships available to these students, it is hard to figure out which one will provide graduate students with both tuition and living expenses. The majority of these scholarships award either tuition or living expenses but not both.

The Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) offers an annual scholarship called “The Gerbode Foundation Scholarship” which covers tuition as well as living expenses in order to promote diversity in psychology among doctoral-level professionals.

Scholarships come in many shapes and sizes: they range from full tuition grants to small stipends for living expenses that last only for one year or less.

Graduate students in psychology face a lot of financial obstacles in the field. It is hard to get funding and scholarships are not easy to find. These scholarships provide a much-needed help for graduate students who want to pursue psychology.

Scholarships help these students in paying their tuition fees, living costs, and other personal expenses while they study.

They provide a following financial security which is vital for them as they need to survive without any help from family members or friends during the time of their studies.

Level/Field of Study

A scholarship is a form of financial aid that you can use to help finance your education. Scholarships are often awarded based on academic achievement and other factors, such as artistic interests or athletic ability.

When a person receives a scholarship for graduate students in psychology, it means that he or she is given money towards education so they can afford it.

Grad schools are not just a place where we study, they can also be a pathway to our future careers. For example, by pursuing a career in psychology, we can improve our knowledge and skills and invest in improving the well-being of society through psychological research.

We may need to spend quite some time and money on graduate studies. However, there are many scholarships for graduate students in this field that can provide us with financial help during this process.

Scholarships for graduate students can be a great way to help you pursue your PhD in psychology. They are an opportunity for graduate students to further distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack and offer a little more support in their pursuit of an advanced degree.

Scholarship opportunities for graduate students in psychology

According to Georgetown University’s website, there are a number of scholarship opportunities for graduate students in psychology. The most common of these are the GEM Fellowship and the Graduate Student Scholarship.

The GEM Fellowship offers emergency scholarships to students who experience personal or family hardships or unexpected life changes.

A Graduate Student Scholarship offers financial assistance to those who have completed their first year of study at any accredited American university, college, or foreign institution that operates on a semester system.

Scholarships for graduate students in psychology are available for those who can prove their potential and eagerness to pursue their education.


There are a number of scholarships available for graduate students in psychology. One of the best is the Dr. Raymond C. Fowler Graduate Scholarship, which is a $1,000 scholarship available to doctoral-level international students enrolled at California State University Northridge.

I am currently a graduate student in psychology and I just got awarded with multiple scholarships from prestigious institutions with one being from my college where I study at currently (NYU).

Scholarships are a great way to help young people get an education. A lot of times, the only thing preventing someone from going to graduate school is not having enough money for it.

That’s why scholarships exist – to make sure everyone has access to higher education and that no one has to be denied an education because of finances.

When people think about scholarships, they often hear about grants which are a type of scholarship for students who need financial assistance but don’t have the grades required for traditional scholarships.

But grants aren’t the only form of scholarship available for students in the psychology field – there are also fellowships and awards, which typically require a student’s work or research.

Scholarships for graduate students in psychology are a great way to fund graduate studies. Scholarships can be any form of financial aid, from scholarships and grants to student loans and work-study programs.

Scholarships for graduate students in psychology come in many forms. Some are need-based while others are merit-based. Students with good grades may also be eligible for scholarships that they’re not otherwise qualified for, like athletic scholarships.

How to Apply

Getting a scholarship can be difficult, especially when school is expensive. But there are many scholarships available for graduate students in psychology that you might qualify for.

Some of these scholarships are sponsored by the APA and they offer up to $10,000 in funding- which is plenty to cover the cost of your tuition!

1) The Association for Psychological Science Graduate Student Travel Award

This program offers one award to an APA member who will use the funds primarily for travel related expenses such as conference or research participation fees.

2) The American Psychological Foundation Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship is granted to a doctoral student conducting mental health research who has been admitted into an accredited psychology graduate program and has not exceeded their fifth year of study.

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