Are you thinking of studying in Chile ? !! Congratulations!! You have probably already discovered that this international destination not only deserves great recognition for its incredible landscapes and cultural richness, but also that its educational system is exemplary in the eyes of the world. 

Due to the proximity to the language and the vast university offer, studying in Chile has become a highly pursued objective among Spanish students and citizens of other Latin American countries, in fact, different schools and higher education institutions use a mainly foreign enrollment . 

Through this article, we will review the points that you must take into account if you want to study in Chile , starting from the requirements to apply for a student visa, to the most common questions among foreigners who plan to live their next academic experience in this South American country.  

Without further introduction, let’s begin!

Requirements to study in Chile

The requirements to study in Chile or any other international destination normally depend on the type of training you decide to take, the particular conditions of the institution and, of course, your country of origin.

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However, in general, the obligation to meet the following requirements to study in Chile is established, regardless of any other additional factor:

  • Study visa.
  • Enrollment certificate and/or acceptance letter from a Chilean university or educational institution. 
  • Certificate of economic solvency to finance your stay in the country during the study period.
  • Medical certificate. 
  • Criminal record.
  • Validation or homologation of studies in cases where it is requested. 
  • Payment of the corresponding fees for the management and processing of the visa. Rates change depending on your nationality. 

The ideal would be to consult directly with the Consulate General of Chile closest to your location to advise you on other requirements, conditions and procedures to obtain the student visa requested to enter Chile under said condition.

Options to study in Chile

Having one of the most advanced and innovative educational systems in Latin America , it is expected that Chile offers a good range of options for international students who wish to discover with their own eyes the advantages of its study model. 

This is how you have an interesting number of options to study in Chile and become familiar with the rich culture of this country; however, the most outstanding routes are: exchange programs, universities and scholarships for foreigners. 

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Below we will see the possibilities and paths offered by each of these routes:

Exchange programs 

In recent years, Chile has become one of the pioneering Latin American countries in offering student exchange programs , thanks to the opening of agreements with different international universities. 

If your academic institution has agreements with other Chilean universities or training centers, finding out if there is an exchange program available can be your most viable way to live and study in Chile , not only to train academically, but to exchange cultures with like-minded young people. your age and/or educational interests. 

Universities to study in Chile

In the field of higher education, Chile is home to numerous internationally renowned universities. These are some of the most attractive universities for foreign students who decide to undertake their academic adventures in this country of the Southern Cone:

University of Chile

Since its foundation in 1842, the University of Chile is the main institution of the Chilean State in public higher education and has acquired notable prestige in the world ranking. 

Its undergraduate, postgraduate and research careers are usually highly attractive to foreign students from Latin America and Europe. 

Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

According to the QS ranking, when we talk about the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile , better known as “la Católica”, we refer to one of the best universities in Chile and Latin America. 

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Its programs are known by foreigners thanks to its initiatives and aid for outstanding students in specific fields, people with disabilities or with problems due to unequal opportunities. 

University of Concepcion

This traditional university, located in the city of Concepción, southeast of Santiago, is one of the most complex due to its extensive experience in the field of research within various categories. 

Today, its plans cover 89 undergraduate courses and more than 100 postgraduate programs, attracting researchers from different parts of the world.

Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso

The Catholic University of Valparaíso is known for its 9 faculties focused on different areas of knowledge. Its academic quality is of high national recognition, but it is increasingly attracting the attention of foreign students. 

University of Talca

With 44 undergraduate courses, 26 master’s programs and 11 doctoral programs, the University of Talca is a higher state institution whose academic offer is especially outstanding in the areas of health, economics, legal and social sciences, psychology and agricultural sciences. 

Scholarships to study in Chile

If you have some financial obstacle that currently prevents you from pursuing the goal of studying in Chile, fortunately there are scholarship programs that, in order to contribute to social welfare, can lend you a hand in the process of paying for your studies.

We invite you to investigate more about the following scholarships for foreigners who wish to study in Chile:

agcidChile Scholarships

The scholarships created by the Chilean Agency for International Cooperation for Development , better known by its acronym AGCID, are aimed at young people from Latin America, the Caribbean and some South African nations. 

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Most scholarships focus on funding postgraduate programs or high-level training courses. 

Pacific Alliance Scholarships 

The Pacific Alliance scholarships allow promoting student mobility and the academic exchange of foreign students who want to pursue an academic adventure in Chilean territory. 

In general, the processes are open to students from other Latin American countries, such as Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Juan Gómez Foreign Miles Scholarship 

The FUAS Scholarships, divided into different categories for financing education, include the Juan Gómez Millas Scholarship for foreigners, an unparalleled opportunity to pursue your higher studies in Chile. 

Every year, 150 quotas are opened for foreigners from Latin America or the Caribbean, who demonstrate a socioeconomic situation with vulnerable characteristics. 

Frequently asked questions about studying in Chile

If you still have some questions about how to study in Chile, below we answer the most common doubts among international students who consider studying in Chilean territory:

What is the average cost of living for an international student in Chile?

Before embarking on an academic adventure in Chile, it is important to carefully organize your finances. Keep in mind that Chile is one of the most expensive countries to live in the South American region. 

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As a reference, a foreign student living in Santiago needs around 1,000 dollars per month to cover housing expenses, basic services, public transportation, food and mobile telephony. 

Does the Chilean Student Visa allow you to work and study simultaneously? 

According to the Immigration and Immigration Department, the Chilean Student Visa only authorizes you to study, that is, it does not allow you to carry out work activities during your stay in Chilean territory. 

Only in exceptional cases, a temporary work permit can be granted to foreign students who need to complete a professional internship period in the country or, failing that, show significant inconvenience in paying for their studies. 

What is the validity of the authorization to study in Chile as a foreigner?

The Chilean Student Visa is initially extended for a maximum period of one year, renewable until you complete your studies in the country.

However, there are exceptions in the case of fellows, who could obtain a personalized visa for the exact duration of their activities. 

Conclusions  about studying in Chile

Now that you know all the central aspects of the procedure of going to Chile as an international student, the lack of information will not be a valid excuse to stop undertaking the adventure of knowing first-hand the great Chilean educational system. 

Due to its high literacy rate, familiarity with the language, its agreements with institutions from various parts of the world and the wide variety of training programs, studying in Chile is becoming an increasingly attractive option for students of Hispanic origin. 

Now is your turn! The decision of whether to study in Chile is convenient for you, is in your hands, although if you have more doubts about this or other destinations that facilitate the process of studying and/or working around the world, do not hesitate to consult us. 

We are happy to help you make your dreams come true!

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