Undergraduate Scholarships in France for International Students

If you are from Colombia, and you are interested in carrying out your professional studies abroad, there are many options available to you to fulfill your dreams. On this website we seek to lend you a hand in this difficult decision, so in this article we will talk about the scholarships to study in France , which you can apply for as a Colombian.

Some of the best options you have for studying in France come from the French government, while others are run by the French Embassy in Colombia. Each of them has different requirements that you must meet, so that you can apply without problems.

So, if you want to study your career at one of the best French universities , here we tell you about the scholarships to study in France that can help you fulfill your dreams.

What are the scholarships to study in France?

As we indicated before, if you want to carry out your professional studies in France , being Colombian, you have two different options to which you can apply to become one of the possible beneficiaries who has the possibility of completing your professional career in the European country.

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However, when we talk about two options, we are simply referring to the institutions that manage the financing of these scholarships, which are: the French Embassy in Colombia and the French government. But each of these organizations offers an extensive list of scholarships, which we mention below:

Scholarships from the Embassy of France in Colombia

  • Bienvenue en France Scholarship Program

French Government Scholarships

  • Eiffel Scholarships
  • MAjor Scholarships
  • Prestige Scholarships
  • Master Scholarships
  • MOPGA Scholarships

Each of these scholarships has a series of different requirements , which you must meet in case you want to apply for any of them. 

Remember that the more requirements you meet when you register, the more opportunities you will have to receive the benefit of the scholarship.

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Below, we explain the purpose of each of these scholarships and the processes you must follow to apply for any of them.

Scholarships from the Embassy of France in Colombia

The scholarships of the Embassy of France in Colombia are those that allow you to study at any of the universities in France, applying from the headquarters of the Embassy of France in the city of Bogotá.

This scholarship is called Bienvenue en France and helps you to cover almost 95% of the tuition at one of the best universities in the European country.

The requirements that you must meet to opt for this scholarship to study in France are the following:

  • Being Colombian or a foreign resident in Colombia (except holders of a
  • Have a passport from a country of the European Union)
  • Have followed the online application process through the Etudes en France application platform that closed on March 5, 2021
  • Be accepted to: a master’s level training (1st or 2nd year), a program offered by a public establishment under the tutelage of the Ministry of Higher Education, or a program offered by a university or public school whose tuition is €3,770.

If you meet each of these requirements, then you are ready to apply through the Embassy’s official portal, which you can access through the following link: https://pastel.diplomatie.gouv.fr/etudesenfrance/ dyn/public/login.html?ecf=CO&locale=es_CO .

French Government Scholarships for Colombians

On the other hand, you have at your disposal the scholarships granted by the French government to foreign students who stand out for having an excellent grade point average.

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Next, we will tell you a little about each of these scholarships:

Eiffel Scholarships

The Eiffel scholarships to study in France are specially created for higher studies at the master’s and doctoral level, in any of the following professional careers:

  • Law
  • Economy and Management
  • Engineering for the master’s level and Sciences in a broad sense for the doctorate level
  • Political Sciences

Complete information on the requirements and conditions to apply for this type of scholarship can be obtained through the following link: https://www.campusfrance.org/system/files/medias/documents/2019-10/TexteSite_Etudiants_2020.pdf .

Major Scholarships

In the case of the Major scholarships, we find an educational financing program that is created to benefit students who have graduated from French schools , for a period of up to 5 years. 

Information on this type of scholarship can be found at: https://www.aefe.fr/aefe/operateur-du-ministere-de-leurope-et-des-affaires-etrangeres/dispositif-excellence-major .

Prestige Scholarships

Prestige scholarships are those that allow you to study in France, specifically at the post-doctoral level . It is one of the best scholarships you can access, obtaining direct funding from Campus France, with income from the public and private sectors.

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If you want to obtain more information about the Prestige scholarships , you can access the official website of the program, through the following link: https://www.campusfrance.org/en/program-PRESTIGE-postdoctorate .

Master Scholarships

In this case we find a type of scholarship that will allow you to carry out Master’s studies in France, for a total of two full years, obtaining the opportunity to receive classes in French at one of the main universities of the European country.

To find more information about this type of scholarship, you can enter through the following link: http://campusbourses.campusfrance.org/fria/bourse/#/program?id=420 . There you will find everything you need to apply for the scholarship program that best suits your needs.

MOPGA Scholarships

Finally, you have at your disposal the MOPGA scholarships, which are specially created to benefit young people who wish to carry out research in France , as long as they are related to the “One Health” concept.

The information to apply for this scholarship can be obtained through the following link: https://www.campusfrance.org/es/node/303747 . 

Simply choose the scholarship you prefer and meet each of the requirements so that you have the opportunity to be selected as a beneficiary of these scholarships to study in France.


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