Scholarships in Germany for International Students

In recent years, Germany has become one of the most popular destinations for foreign students who want to study abroad. If you want to know what you need to study in this destination as well as the main scholarships to study in Germany, you will find all the information below.

German universities are offering a series of internationally recognized programs at a relatively cheap cost compared to other countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States or Australia.

Currently, only four of the sixteen states that make up Germany charge tuition fees that can reach up to €500 per semester. These states are; Baden, Württemberg, Bavaria, Hamburg and Lower Saxony. 

All the others do not charge tuition fees, asking only for a certain amount of money as a contribution each semester (50 € approx).

In the Master’s Programs, most of the time you have to pay a registration fee that can range from €600 to several thousand euros per semester.

Requirements to study in Germany

If you are a citizen of a member country of the European Union, you do not need a visa to study in this destination. International students, however, do need a visa to study in Germany .

Is it necessary to know German?

The ideal to study in Germany is to know German, at least, to have a minimum level with this language.

However, many German universities offer international degrees that are conducted in English. In fact, if you look at the DAAD’s list of International Programs in Germany, you’ll find 1,669 today. There are to choose from!

Scholarships to study in Germany

So that all this is not a problem and to carry out studies in Germany, we have prepared a list where we will tell you which are the most used scholarships to finance the different Programs.

DAAD Scholarship Programs

DAAD is a joint organization of German higher education institutions, and which is in charge of promoting international academic relations, mainly through the exchange of students and researchers.

In the database of these scholarships, we can find different opportunities to finance our studies in Germany. In addition, in its database, we will not only find the scholarships offered by the DAAD but also those offered by other German institutions.

The most popular DAAD scholarship program for developing country students is the DAAD Scholarships for Postgraduate Courses, with particular relevance to developing countries.

German Foundation Scholarship Programs

There are a number of German Religious-Political Foundations that offer scholarships for international students from different countries.

Among them, we can find the  Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships , which have an ecological political aspect and on the other hand we can also find the KAAD scholarships, scholarships offered by a German religious foundation.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Programs in Germany

On the other hand we have the famous Erasmus Mundus scholarships where German Universities participate in a large number of international study programs financed by Erasmus Mundus scholarships.

These scholarships, as you will well know if you are a student, allow all international students to study at Universities around the world (that are present in the programs) and where they cover most of the expenses.

Other resources for studying in Germany

Here you will find resources to help you in your search for opportunities to study in this European destination.

  • DAAD – Through the websites of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) you can access information to study in Germany. You can also find the current academic offer and options to plan your stay in this destination.
  • Study in Germany – Through this website you will be able to find out about all the careers and universities in Germany.
  • Iversity – If you want to study in Germany but can’t move, you can do distance learning at some of the country’s universities. Through this website you can access the available courses.
  • Remote jobs for university students – These remote jobs for students are a good option to earn money while you study in Germany and, in this way, be able to cover the expenses of your stay in this destination.
  • Spotahome – This platform allows you to rent a room, or accommodation before arriving in Germany.

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